The Best Affordable Stand Mixer of 2023

Stand mixers are essential kitchen appliances for both amateur and professional bakers. These versatile appliances can help you whip up everything from fluffy meringues to thick bread doughs with ease. However, not all stand mixers are created equal, and the prices can range from affordable to exorbitant. In this article, we will discuss the best affordable stand mixer on the market that won’t break the bank.

What is a Stand Mixer Used For?

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that makes mixing and kneading doughs, batters, and other food items much easier. It is designed with a powerful motor that spins a set of beaters or a dough hook, allowing the user to mix ingredients without having to do it manually. This convenience can save you time and effort while creating perfect results. A stand mixer is a must-have appliance in any kitchen.

Types of Stand Mixers

There are several types of stand mixers on the market, including tilt-head mixers, bowl-lift mixers, and hand mixers. Tilt-head mixers are the most common type, and they have a head that tilts back to allow easy access to the mixing bowl. Bowl-lift mixers are more powerful and are ideal for heavy-duty mixing tasks. Hand mixers are smaller and more affordable, making them perfect for small baking jobs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stand Mixer

When choosing a stand mixer, there are several factors to consider. The most important are budget, power, capacity, size and weight, attachments and accessories, and design and color.

  • Budget: Stand mixers can range from affordable to expensive, so it’s important to determine your budget before you start shopping.
  • Power: The power of the motor determines the mixer’s performance. More powerful motors are ideal for heavier mixing tasks, while less powerful ones are better for lighter jobs.
  • Capacity: The size of the mixing bowl is another important factor to consider. Larger bowls are ideal for bigger batches of dough, while smaller ones are suitable for smaller jobs.
  • Size and weight: Stand mixers can be quite heavy and bulky, so it’s essential to choose one that will fit comfortably on your countertop and is easy to move around.
  • Attachments and accessories: Many stand mixers come with various attachments and accessories, such as dough hooks, whisks, and beaters. Consider which attachments are important to you.
  • Design and color: Stand mixers come in various designs and colors, so choose one that fits your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Best Affordable Stand Mixers on the Market

After researching and analyzing various stand mixers on the market, we have narrowed down the best affordable options. Here are our top picks:

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

  • Features: 300-watt motor, three attachments, 4-quart stainless steel bowl, six speeds
  • Pros: Affordable, versatile, easy to use and clean, lightweight
  • Cons: Not suitable for heavy-duty mixing tasks

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KitchenAid Classic Plus Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

  • Features: 275-watt motor, four attachments, 4.5-quart stainless steel bowl, 10 speeds
  • Pros: Iconic design, powerful motor, versatile, durable, comes in various colors
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than other options

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Cuisinart SM-50 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

  • Features: 500-watt motor, three attachments, 5.5-quart stainless steel bowl, 12 speeds
  • Pros: Powerful motor, large capacity, versatile, comes with a splash guard
  • Cons: Heavy and bulky, slightly more expensive than other options

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Aucma Stand Mixer

  • Features: 660-watt motor, three attachments, 6.5-quart stainless steel bowl, six speeds
  • Pros: Powerful motor, large capacity, affordable, comes with a splash guard
  • Cons: Heavy and bulky, not suitable for small kitchens


A stand mixer is a valuable kitchen appliance for any home cook or baker. When choosing the best affordable stand mixer, consider your budget, the mixer’s power, capacity, size and weight, attachments and accessories, and design and color.

Our top picks for the best affordable stand mixers are the Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer, KitchenAid Classic Plus Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Cuisinart SM-50 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer, and Aucma Stand Mixer.

These mixers offer the best combination of performance, affordability, and versatility.


How do I clean my stand mixer?

Most stand mixers come with a removable mixing bowl and attachments that are dishwasher safe. For the mixer’s body and motor, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

What attachments should I look for when buying a stand mixer?

Look for attachments such as dough hooks, whisks, and beaters. Some mixers also come with pasta makers, meat grinders, and other specialty attachments.

Can I use my stand mixer to knead bread dough?

Yes, stand mixers are designed for mixing and kneading doughs. Look for a mixer with a powerful motor and a large mixing bowl for best results.

How long will my stand mixer last?

The lifespan of a stand mixer depends on usage and maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, a good stand mixer can last for several years.

Are expensive stand mixers worth the price?

It depends on your needs and budget. Expensive stand mixers typically have more powerful motors, larger capacities, and more accessories. However, affordable mixers can also offer good performance and durability.

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