Our story

About us

Our story

About us

My name is Sandra Ockhuizen-Morapedi and I’m a mother of 3. I started baking at home from a young age. My first experience with decoration was roughly 8 years ago. I was fresh out of high school and was looking at ways to make money.

After trying a variety of odd jobs as well as trying my hand at several businesses, including buying and selling clothes I was introduced to cake decoration and quickly saw the potential.

A little over a month later my first cake was finished and was ready to start taking orders and realize my dream of being financially free. In 2020 when the world turned upside down due to covid I was forced to innovate and find other means to survive so I started this website where I write about baking and cake decoration.

Think of this website as the cake decorating 80/20 rule-I’m going to teach you the 20% that will get you 80% of your desired results. Here’s what we do…

Fondant Flowers

Wedding Cakes


Birthday Cakes

Why us

for all your baking needs


We are good at what we do and we get results.

Outstanding Results

We go the extra mile. Our customer agreements are designed to add extra value to clients for whom every money counts


We are real human beings that are here to support you and answer your questions.


We take great pride in our work, we take time to do things the right way and we request feedback regularly.

Convenient Payment Methods

We accept various payment methods eg Cash in hand, E-wallet, Bank Transfer, Orange Money, Myzaka, Btc Smega

Free -Delivery

We offer free delivery for orders within town.

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